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Senat builds on one of the most traditional trustee businesses in Liechtenstein. Senat was founded in 1936, when Mr Ludwig Hasler, former head of Liechtenstein tax authority, established the fiduciary business Treuhandbüro Hasler focusing on management of intellectual property rights, tax and legal advice.

After Ludwig's passing in 1956, his business was carried on by the heirs' community Hasler. In 1988, the Hasler family established the business Senat Treuhand Anstalt, which was subsequently converted into today's Senat Aktiengesellschaft. Part of the business is handled by Senat Trust AG, which was founded in 1969 under the name of Fidina Anstalt.

Dr. iur. Markus Otto Hasler
Partner, Trustee


Our range of services includes trusteeships and fiduciary services, legal and tax advice, and accounting.

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