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Austria: Amendment of the Covered Bond Act

January 2022 – Austria – TAIYO Legal  As of 08.07.2022 and implementing the EU Covered Bonds Directive (EU-CB-Directive), Austria’s new Covered Bond Act (PfandBG) will enter into force. The amendment is intended to increase the attractiveness of the Austrian covered bond market and eliminate distortions of competition within the EU. The regulations on covered bonds

Netherlands: Employment changes 2022

January, 2021 – The Netherlands – Certa Advocaten THE MOST IMPORTANT EMPLOYMENT LAW CHANGES IN THE NETHERLANDS FOR 2022 AND THE CORRESPONDING REQUIRED ACTIONS! To kick-start the new year, we provide you with a short overview of the most important developments in 2022 for Dutch Employment Law and actions required. DIRECTIVE ON TRANSPARENT AND PREDICTABLE

Austria: No state liability vis-à-vis bank customers

January 2022 – Austria – TAIYO Legal  The Austrian Constitutional Court ruled that the Republic of Austria is not liable for damages suffered by customers of an insolvent bank even if these damages were caused by poor supervision by an authority. Around 30 customers of Commerzialbank Mattersburg had filed for damages against the federal government.