Mexico: Mexican Stock-Market

Paramount amendments to the Mexican Stock Exchange Act (Ley del Mercado de Valores or LMV) and the Investment Funds Law (Ley de Fondos de Inversión or LFI) will be enacted, aiming to improve access for small and mid-sized companies to capital markets and expanding investment opportunities. Although Mexico made some important progress in developing its

Mexico: Tesla in Mexico

As you all may know, today Tesla Motors Corporation has announced that it will invest in Mexico, particularly in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in order to build a mega factory where it will produce the Mode 2. Likewise, Mexican Government has launched an ambitious project to promote lithium production. We would like to highlight some of

Mexico: Doing Business in Mexico

 Contrary to the beliefs widely held abroad regarding the nature and function of Mexico’s legal system, Mexico does, in fact, enjoy a highly evolved and organized legal system which with few exceptions is functional. The origins of Mexico’s legal system are both ancient and classical, based on the Greek, Roman and French legal systems, and

Mexico: Fintech & BaaS / Seaworthiness & Bunkers

October 2022 / Diego Latorre I. Fintech Mexico, BaaS. In the last few years, the banking landscape worldwide has changed dramatically. Now there are many different types of banks, including, the new breed of “challenger banks”, which are mainly digital based. As the financial services industry continues to change, the emphasis is on meeting the