New directions for governance?

Article published at the Brazilian reputable business newspaper “Valor Econômico” On October 23rd, 2020 Written by Maristela SA Rossetti The COVID-19 pandemic has affected not only the economy, but also various social, political and cultural dynamics in Brazil and worldwide. The adoption of confinement as one of the main strategies to combat the spread of

BRAZIL: The General Data Protection Law takes effect – changes and effects of the law

October 2020 – Brazil – Rossetti Advogados Law No. 14.058/20 was sanctioned last September 18, 2020. It resulted from the conversion of Provisional Measure No. 959, dated April 29, 2020, which regulated the general part of obligations of the General Data Protection Law – Law No. 13.709/18(“LGPD”). Thus, the legal framework governing the use, protection and transfer of personal data

Brazil: Emergency and Temporary Legal System – Law No. 14.010/20

July 2020 – Brazil – Rossetti Advogados Law No. 14.010/20 was published on June 10, 2020 to establish the Emergency and Temporary Legal System (“RJET”) of legal relationships governed by private law for the duration of the covid-19 pandemics. Such Law amends various rules, including the Civil Code, the Consumer Protection Code, the General Personal Data Protection Law and the Lease Law.  The idea

BRAZIL: Open Banking Implementation in Brazil

June 2020 – Brazil – Rossetti Advogados The Central Bank of Brazil (“Bacen”) and the National Monetary Council (“CMN”) jointly enacted Joint Resolution No. 01, of May 4, 2020 (“Joint Resolution”), setting forth the basic rules for implementation of the Open Financial System (“SFA”) or, as known, the “Open Banking” model in the National Financial System.  The