Home History

In 1990 the seed of an idea occurred to a London based lawyer, who had business engagement with lawyers in Scotland, Sweden and Ireland. Acting both as a conduit and driver of the idea, the first meeting of Lexlink took place the following year in London. Our Founding members were Brian Burgess (London), Owen Ness (Scotland), Bertil Edqvist (Gothenburg) and Tony Sheil (Dublin).

This four-leafed clover of a think tank, created a network of referring law firms, based on the familiarity of and with the colleague, singular national involvement, and ongoing personal contact between the lead lawyers in each firm.

A tenet has been investment in personal contact from one referring firm to the other, without financial commitment, to provide a competent, available and client-focused service provider between nations.

A principal has been knowledge between member lawyers on a personal basis, and that has been a foundation stone of introductions to new members since Lexlink was founded in 1991.

Growth has been through that personal contact, to provide stability and confidence and over the last 27 years and since its foundation, some 24 nations have had opportunity to host their fellow member colleagues at an annual Conference.

The ongoing and frequent personal contact between our tightly knit and managed law firms create a confidence and assurance to benefit clients. Currently we number 30 countries and growing.