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Mexico: Doing Business in Mexico

 Contrary to the beliefs widely held abroad regarding the nature and function of Mexico’s legal system, Mexico does, in fact, enjoy a highly evolved and organized legal system which with few exceptions is functional. The origins of Mexico’s legal system are both ancient and classical, based on the Greek, Roman and French legal systems, and

Argentina: Doing Business In Argentina

The Legal System The Argentine Republic consists of 23 provinces and a federal capital, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The Argentine Constitution divides the federal government into executive, legislative, and judicial branches. While the federal constitutional system is similar to other modern republics like the United States, the Argentine legal system claims its heritage


The Legal System of Poland The legal system of Poland is based on the continental legal system (civil law tradition). The sources of generally binding law in Poland are: the Constitution, laws, ratified international agreements and regulations. The Constitution as currently in force since 1997 is considered the most important source of law in Poland.


. 1.The Legal System of Israel . Israeli law is based mostly on a common law legal system, but also incorporates some aspects of continental law. It also reflects the diverse history of the territory of the State of Israel throughout the last two hundred years (Ottoman sovereignty and after it British sovereignty), as well