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Uk: The new Register of Overseas Entities

The new Register of Overseas Entities was brought into force on the 1st August 2022 by the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022. The effect of the introduction of the Register is that such anonymous overseas entities wishing to buy, sell, or transfer UK property or land must complete a registration process with Companies

Mexico: Fintech & BaaS / Seaworthiness & Bunkers

October 2022 / Diego Latorre I. Fintech Mexico, BaaS. In the last few years, the banking landscape worldwide has changed dramatically. Now there are many different types of banks, including, the new breed of “challenger banks”, which are mainly digital based. As the financial services industry continues to change, the emphasis is on meeting the

The Netherlands: More opportunities for developers and landlords to transform leased properties to the new destination

October, 2022 Introduction THE NETHERLANDS: The scope for successor landlords to realize the new destination has been increased. Based on Dutch law, a successive landlord may dissolve the lease if he wants to bring the leased property in line with the destination. In a landmark ruling, the district court North-Holland dissolved the leases (conditionally) so