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Austria: The End of the Austrian Limited

May 2022 – Austria – TAIYO Legal In order to circumvent the capital raising requirements of the Austrian Limited liability company (GmbH), it was common practice for Austrian businesses to establish a Limited Liability Company in the UK. Once the LLC was established for a few Euros, a branch office was set up in Austria. The main business then

Austria: Late Withdrawal from Cash Value Life Insurances

March 2022 – Austria – TAIYO Legal When cash value life insurance policies are taken out, the insurer has a duty to provide information. In the event of violations, policyholders could still demand a refund years later – usually when the insurance performed poorly. To stop this practice, the law was amended in 2018. Under the new rule, one only got

Austria: Amendment of the Covered Bond Act

January 2022 – Austria – TAIYO Legal  As of 08.07.2022 and implementing the EU Covered Bonds Directive (EU-CB-Directive), Austria’s new Covered Bond Act (PfandBG) will enter into force. The amendment is intended to increase the attractiveness of the Austrian covered bond market and eliminate distortions of competition within the EU. The regulations on covered bonds