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Argentina: Legal Take-Aways From The Argentina Primaries (Paso)

On August 13, Argentina held its open primary elections (Elecciones Primarias Abiertas Simultáneas y Obligatorias or “PASO”). While the ostensible goal of the PASO is to narrow intra-party competition, its accessibility to all voters often serves as straw poll on overall popularity and, therefore, general election outcomes. The Political Fallout 69% of eligible voters participated. 

Argentina: Remote Working in Argentina

Know Before They Go The global tendency of remote working combined with Argentina’s current economic distress make the City of Buenos Aires a tempting destination for those who can live distant from their employer. Clients frequently consult us on remote work arrangements and we thought this primer would be a useful first step toward understanding

Argentina: Taxation of Restricted Stock Units in Argentina

 While much of the world routinely attracts and retains talent through equity compensation, Argentina continues to struggle to bring its laws and judicial interpretations of them into the 21st century. Equity compensation is an umbrella term for stock grants, stock options, phantom shares, and other tools that reward loyalty and performance. This article takes a

Argentina: The Upcoming Argentine Presidential Elections

 The Upcoming Argentine Presidential Elections  This year, Argentina will elect a new president, vice president, and members of congress. Understanding the country’s electoral process and the concerns that drive voter choices is crucial. Here is what you should know about the upcoming Argentine presidential elections.  Overview of the Electoral Process  In 2023, Argentina will elect

Argentina: Taxing Crypto Assets: Is the Law Always a Step Behind?

Ruling 2/2022 by the Argentine Federal Tax Authority (AFIP) reinterpreted existing legislation to hold cryptocurrencies subject to personal property tax. Does this make sense? Can the government and the taxpayer agree on when and how to calculate the tax?  How Crypto is Taxed Globally As investment in cryptocurrencies grows, governments have responded in wildly different