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The Netherlands: Dutch employment Law Update

Breaking Dutch Employment News: The Legislative Proposal for the Modernization of the Non-Compete Clause has been published: The newly introduced draft legislation aimed at revising the non-compete clause indicates a substantial transformation in the existing laws in The Netherlands. Key features of the legislative proposal include: Limitation on Duration: Any non-compete agreement exceeding a duration

The Netherlands: More opportunities for developers and landlords to transform leased properties to the new destination

October, 2022 Introduction THE NETHERLANDS: The scope for successor landlords to realize the new destination has been increased. Based on Dutch law, a successive landlord may dissolve the lease if he wants to bring the leased property in line with the destination. In a landmark ruling, the district court North-Holland dissolved the leases (conditionally) so

The Netherlands: Prevent the mayor from closing your business premises for years and getting stuck with the tenant in drug discovery cases. What steps can you take as a manager or owner against the municipality and tenant?

September, 2022 – The Netherlands – Certa Advocaten Introduction Upon the discovery of drugs and/or other prohibited substances or goods used to manufacture the drugs, mayors may close a business premises. As a property owner, you are faced with a closed building that no one is allowed to enter. The space cannot be rented or

Netherlands: Employment changes 2022

January, 2021 – The Netherlands – Certa Advocaten THE MOST IMPORTANT EMPLOYMENT LAW CHANGES IN THE NETHERLANDS FOR 2022 AND THE CORRESPONDING REQUIRED ACTIONS! To kick-start the new year, we provide you with a short overview of the most important developments in 2022 for Dutch Employment Law and actions required. DIRECTIVE ON TRANSPARENT AND PREDICTABLE