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Austria: The End of the Austrian Limited

May 2022 – Austria – TAIYO Legal In order to circumvent the capital raising requirements of the Austrian Limited liability company (GmbH), it was common practice for Austrian businesses to establish a Limited Liability Company in the UK. Once the LLC was established for a few Euros, a branch office was set up in Austria. The main business then

Nasdaq to Propose Additional Initial Listing Criteria for Restricted Market Companies

纳斯达克对受限市场公司 提议新增挂牌要求 On May 18, 2020, Nasdaq Stock Market (“Nasdaq” or the “Exchange”) filed three proposals with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to (i) apply additional initial listing criteria for companies primarily operating in “Restricted Market” (defined below), (ii) adopt a new requirement relating to the qualification of management or board of director for