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Nasdaq Stock Market to Apply Additional Criteria for Initial and Continued Listing

纳斯达克交易所对首次和持续挂 牌应用额外要求 Nasdaq Stock Market has recently released two new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs 416 and 1696) in connection with the particular circumstances under which Nasdaq will apply additional and more stringent criteria as part of its review of initial and continued listings. This memorandum discusses the FAQs and relevant Nasdaq listing rules. 纳斯达克交易所最近发布了两个新的常见问题解答(编号416和1696),纳斯达克在审批首次和持续上市时将采取额外和更严格标准。本备忘录将讨论常见问题解答以及相关的纳斯达克上市规则。 Additional